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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

Being the unpopular, chubby girl in school affected Jules’ self-esteem when she was a teenager. But a lesson in aerobics class was all it took to inspire her to take on a whole new direction in life. Ever since then she has been committed to building a community based on fitness, health, and fun! Tune in to learn about her journey and her 7 tips to optimum health and beauty.

Julie Xander is the brainchild behind the Lifestyle Jules brand. Julie splits her time between managing her blog that is based around fashion, beauty, and fitness, teaching a plethora of fitness classes around the Valley, and serving as a brand influencer. Julie focuses on relationship development and is committed to only working with those who fit her mission and passion in life: health, style, and fun.

Growing up as a self-proclaimed chubby girl who loved dance, Julie inserts fitness into a large part of her offering. She has a private Facebook group where she offers workout videos designed for all levels 6 days a week that are either done live or recorded. She makes it affordable for everyone, for $60 a year (a little over a dollar a week!). 

Julie brings energy to everything she tackles. Just watch her Facebook Lives and Instagram Videos, where she partners with businesses to help bring fun, education, and brand awareness.

Julie is available for hire to promote businesses and also as a fashion stylist and fitness/nutrition coach.



  • How to balance your hormones. 
  • Gut Health/Allergy Sensitivity Testing! 
  • The Miracle Worker: Peptides (What they are, how they work, and which ones to get)
  • Red Light Therapy (
  • Cryotherapy - the experience and benefits. 
  • Normatec Compression pants.
  • How to eat healthily and sustainably. 



“The best people in the industry have had their own personal struggle with health. And that's why they've had to find all the little secrets and all the little tricks in order to navigate through that.”



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