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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

Radiance Revealed is back!


In this episode, Jen Haley sits down with Don Moxley, Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity Labs.


An exercise physiologist by training with over 25 years in the academic space, Don reveals not only the causes behind poor aging but provides an action plan you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Working primarily in human performance, tune in as Don and Jen discuss the keys to exercise, clean nutrition, sleep, light, and even purpose.


Don’t miss this user-friendly dialogue about longevity and what you can do to look better, feel better, live longer, and live healthier. 


9 Hallmarks of Aging:

  1. Genomic instability
  2. Telomere attrition
  3. Epigenetic alterations
  4. Loss of proteostasis
  5. Deregulated nutrient sensing
  6. Mitochondrial dysfunction
  7. Cellular senescence
  8. Stem cell exhaustion
  9. Altered intercellular communication.



  • What are the 9 Pillars of Aging?
  • The importance of mitochondrial health 
  • How to exercise utilizing a five-zone model 
  • Don’s “5 big rocks in the longevity jar” 
  • Promoting autophagy and its benefits 
  • The value of spermidine in longevity 



“How much we're eating and how much we're exercising - those two key parts are critical to that mitochondrial health and function. And you just cannot ignore them.”

“If we go back and look at what gave Homo sapiens the ability to succeed over Neanderthals, it was our ability to adapt. We have a DNA that wants to adapt to something. We need to bring in challenges.”



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