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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

Sticking with the monthly theme of sex ed, Radiance Revealed takes a bit of a different twist with consciousness coach Alex Shailer.


In this episode, Alex talks about Sex Transmutation: Ending the compulsion to constantly waste sexual energy in ways that don't serve you. Instead, storing it, and channeling it toward your health, wealth, or relationship goals. And using it to elevate in consciousness.


Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation on activating a deeper investigation within yourself so you can create a better reality. 



Alex helps people liberate themselves from the prison of constant thinking. This world has an epidemic of anxiety and overthinking because so many of us are believing a lie: That you're a limited, contracted sense of self in your mind. That you are the character in the story in your thoughts. And this creates untold feelings of lack and limitation. Alex reminds you that you're deeper than that. And through coaching and teaching, he guides people back in contact with their true self, and the natural confidence, creativity, and inspiration that arises from there. He combines teachings from Western Neuroscience to Eastern Mysticism and everything else in between, to help you live with more energy, vibrancy, and freedom. 


  • The catalyst for Alex’s interest in consciousness, mindfulness, and meditation
  • Transmutation of suffering into awareness
  • What is NoFap and its benefits?
  • Utilizing sexual transmutation
  • It’s not about suppression, it’s about transference 
  • How to break the cycle



“This suffering and this adversity and this challenge can be something that makes us spiral deeper into it or is our grace, is our blessing, and is our pointer back home.”

“Switching the attention onto different thoughts or onto different actions or just being present with that energy and funneling that energy into your creative endeavors, or your business, can have a very powerful effect.”



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