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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

In this episode, we invite Kelli Michelle to share with us her top ten tips in health and nutrition, as well as to dispel some of the most common myths that you are definitely going to want to avoid. Having battled with autoimmune disease, Kelli quickly realized the importance nutrition has over our health and has since been on a journey to heal herself and others from the inside out. If you are looking to lose weight, eat healthier, or simply live better, then this episode is a must-listen. 

Kelli Michelle is an online personal trainer who holds the following certifications - ISSA CPT, NASM S.N.S. & FNS and her area of focus is Human Psychology & Nutrition Science.

She is also currently enrolled in my Ph.D. – Human Nutrition Epidemiology.

Her practice is focused on realistic, sustainable, and functional training and nutrition programming.

There is no greater joy in life and seeing others succeed when they thought that they couldn’t. No matter your goal, we can work together to create the perfect program for your lifestyle including the things you love. We believe that the law of addition is more beneficial than the law of subtraction or restriction. We teach you how to do the practices you will need to do for life. We do not give you a cookie-cutter meal plan.

Within 90 days in our program, you will learn how to track your calorie balance perfectly and see what true fat loss looks like on your feedback forms. 

We implement more structure with our helpful travel and restaurant eating handouts. Our program is highly success driven with a ton of accountability. This accountability is essential for most to continue on without wanting to not complete their goal. A push is often needed to come outside our comfort zone. 

Our system provides thorough feedback from weekly “check-in,” private chats, education courses, and one on one question in answering sessions through our voice coaching system. I work hard for my clients so that they can learn the practices without stress.



  • Kelli’s health, fitness, and nutrition journey. 
  • Autoimmune diagnoses and treatments. 
  • Kelli’s top ten nutrition tips. 
  • Tips on taking or starting out with Melatonin and Magnesium. 
  • How much sun exposure do you need? 
  • Shifting your mindset with positivity. 
  • Busting common myths in health and nutrition. 



“A lot of people don't have an encourager, and so we have to be those encouragers for other people. If there's one thing I could encourage people to do is not only to work on yourself but to be that light and that encourager for other people to know that they can make the change.” 



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