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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

In part 2 of this interview, Dr. Melanie chats about epigenetics, maintaining a healthy environment, and tuning in to your intuition for optimized health! You will learn all about the power of your choices when it comes to influencing your genetics and uncover the key to maintaining a healthy weight. Dr. Melanie will be sharing some tips on how to keep your home clean as well the nitty-gritty details of the appliances in your home that  you may have been overlooking! 

Dr. Melanie Keller, ND who is also known as “The Intuitive Edge Doctor”, helps people understand their lives and bodies better so they can take part in their own rescue by receiving the precise care they need. After having gut health problems over half her life, Dr. Melanie uses her expertise in gut health, epigenetics, and medical intuition to get results. Many of the people she's worked with have often been seeking treatment for years and at major hospitals around the world.  Dr. Melanie has spoken about gut health on numerous podcasts, summits, and as a keynote symposium speaker. She contributed to the development of the SIBO Center in Portland, Oregon has been published in the Townsend Letter and Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR).



  • What is epigenetics and how does it work? 
  • The importance of proper digestion and how to facilitate it. 
  • How diet and a healthy gut are related to each other. 
  • Ways to identify your gut issues. 
  • Strategies to get to know and be attuned with your body.
  • What is grounding and how can you do it?
  • Tips to improve the air and water quality in your home.   


“If it doesn't feel right, don't let anyone convince you that that's the way it should be or that's the right way to do it. Because nobody knows. We're all figuring this out together. You're a unique individual and you have to honor that.” 



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