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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

Meet Dr. Ann Elizabeth Watwood, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who specializes in cosmetic dermatology, anti-aging medicine, and women’s health. Her practice is the go-to place for cutting-edge esthetics as well as one of the major institutes in the country, if not the world where people go for training.


Tune in as Dr. Ann Watwood discusses a range of therapies she uses to treat sunken eyes to dark circles to hair loss, as well as some of the newer technology on the horizon.



Dr. Ann Elizabeth Watwood is certified in advanced laser skin care treatments, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapies. She is a graduate of Arizona State University with a BA in Anthropology and received her medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She teaches courses for basic and advanced laser treatments and dermal fillers, as well as courses for PDO thread lifts. She also speaks at conferences and private events for several different laser companies. She has been injecting and using lasers for aesthetic purposes since 2008. She has been teaching others how to do aesthetic procedures since 2012.



- What exactly is PRP and PRF? 

- Why are platelets and white blood cells so important?

- Is there a difference between PRF versus PRP?

- The multifaceted benefits of PRF and PRP injections 

- How exosomes stimulate growth and healing

- Are PDO threads permanent? 

- The cost of advanced skincare treatments like the liquid facial



“If you get cut open by a knife, what closes that and creates that scar tissue is collagen. It’s those little cells. So what we're doing is attracting a whole bunch of them to the area. But since there's not a big wound cut open by a knife, they deposit a bunch of collagen which just increases the collagen in our skin that we've lost and helps with anti-aging.”

​​”If they have severe hair loss and a higher budget, do it all because you're going to get more. One plus one always equals three in the aesthetics.”



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