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Radiance Revealed Podcast

May 10, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Haley talks to Dr. Steven Todd about all things cannabinoids. Tune in to uncover the power of cannabinoids in your immune system, skincare, sleep, and so much more. Learn how and when to best consume CBD as well as what to look out for in CBD supplementation and products. Dr. Todd also discusses the importance of balancing the immune system, and the crucial role our endocannabinoid system plays in our overall health and wellness. 

DR STEVEN E. TODD DMD, MaS Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Steven Todd is one of 300 board certified Oral Implantologists and a Dental Anesthesiologist, who served as Adjunct Professor of the Ohio State University School of Dentistry. He has had past faculty appointments with the City College of Chicago and the University of Maryland. 

From 1982-85, he was the 3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Medical Battalion U.S. Army Field Dental Surgeon. Dr. Steven Todd holds a master’s degree in Regenerative Medicine with an emphasis on health & wellness. He is also an Integrative Sleep Specialist, an international speaker on Endocannabinoid Science Health & Wellness and founder and author of the Hemp Healthcare Initiative. Dr. Steven Todd is also a Certified Life Coach Trainer and Self Talk Trainer with the Life Coach Institute.



  • What are Cannabinoids?  
  • How our endocannabinoid system works.
  • The makeup and benefits of the hemp plant. 
  • Recommended applications of CBD oils and topical CBD.
  • The importance of balancing your immune system. 
  • How to best select Cannabinoid products. 
  • The relationship between Cannabinoids and sleep. 



“I think we've realized the respect that the immune system deserves with COVID and how an underactive one can help you catch it, and an overactive one could actually kill you from having the infection. So a balanced immune system is precious, it's very important.”



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