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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

In this episode, we invite the Author of The Power of Energy Medicine, Hilary Crowley, to discuss the language of the energy body through the chakras. Tune in for an insider's look at how the body communicates through the language of the chakras, and dive deep into chakras, shadows, and how the body heals beyond words. Uncover the power of using energy as medicine and the body’s extraordinary healing intelligence. 

Hilary Crowley is the author of The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health, a book released in 2021 through Skyhorse Publishing (New York, NY) with Simon & Schuster. 

Hilary discovered the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors. In her early career, she worked at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and Exeter Hospital. Since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition.

In 2008, Hilary opened her office as a Natural Health Intuitive at an integrative family medicine practice, Whole Life Health Care in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With clients recommended by surgeons, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other holistic medical practitioners, Hilary uses energy medicine techniques to identify root issues of illness and stress.

Her hands-on work involves balancing and interpreting the subtle energy field of the human body to bring wellness and authentic health to her clients. Hilary teaches on topics of energy medicine and holistic health. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and lives with her husband and two sons in New England.



  • What is Energy Medicine?  
  • What is Clairsentience?
  • How do you enhance your ability to connect?
  • An introduction to the Seven Chakras.
  • How to identify blockages in your chakras.
  • Ways to unblock your chakras.  


“Honesty is extremely powerful. And this is my dream job of actually getting back in front of the doctors and the nurses and telling them to take back that initial impulse they have to heal and to help others. Because that is the most honest thread in the human experience, which is to help others.”

“There's so much more than skin that holds me together.”

“If you're looking for your guardian angel, your body is your angel.”

“What if heaven is the moment that you realize that you would do this all over again?”



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