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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

In this episode, we invite Dr. Alpa Patel to dive deep into the topics of skincare and face mapping with us! Find out what common skincare mistakes you may be committing, what face mapping is and how it can help you in your skincare, and why it’s important to watch out for harmful chemicals and ingredients in your skincare products. 

Dr. Alpa Patel is a retired pediatrician with a background in biochemistry, President of a nonprofit, mother of 2, and now, CEO & Founder of Luvanya. After suffering for years with severe health issues, chronic illnesses, surgeries, and treatments, she was forced to close her pediatric practice of 15 years and move her family across the country from the east coast to the west.  

Once she realized that the treatments were doing more harm than good, and were also damaging her skin, she turned to researching botanicals, natural oils, and ayurvedic ingredients to treat herself. By adopting a holistic lifestyle, using meditation, and nutrition, Dr. Alpa regained the strength she needed. She used ayurvedic and plant-based ingredients in both topical form to rejuvenate skin, as well as in homemade juices, to revive her health at the cellular level. 

By utilizing her biochemistry background, not only was she able to turn her skin back to life, but she was also able to formulate simple, safe skincare solutions for all of her family. That’s when she knew she had something to share with the world, and there came the birth of Luvanya, a 100% clean, vegan, non – toxic skincare brand, made for the health of your skin, which combines Science with Nature for the most visible and effective results! 



  • How Dr. Alpa Patel went from being a clinical pediatrician to owning a clean skincare line. 
  • The importance of nourishing your skin from the inside out. 
  • Common mistakes in skin cleansing and treatment recommendations. 
  • Do’s and Don’ts of exfoliation. 
  • What is Face Mapping and what does it do? 
  • Chemicals and ingredients to avoid in skincare. 
  • Reevaluating and adjusting your skincare cycle. 



“One thing I learned is that you can't take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first.”

“If your body is not healthy, it's going to show in your skin. If you're not feeding your body and your soul nutritious things, it's going to show in your skin. If you don't love yourself, it will show in your skin.”



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