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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Alex Tarnava is the primary inventor of a patent-pending hydrogen water tablet with the most rigorous clinically validated scientific testing of any similar product worldwide. In this episode, Alex and Dr. Haley chat about the benefits of molecular hydrogen and how to incorporate them into your routine. Learn more about the other supplement lines from DrinkHRW such as BOOST, BUILD, and AGEless defense. 

Alex is the CEO of Drink HRW the hydrogen water tablet company waves in the health and wellness industry. Alex has developed a clinical outreach program under these brands and works with several Universities worldwide researching how molecular hydrogen is useful as a therapeutic agent - molecular hydrogen therapy, hormesis, and scientific funding are his forte.

Drink HRW water tablets have emerged, through intensive scientific testing, as the most potent option in a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. There are nine proven human studies and fifteen more underway looking into the innovative and emerging hydrogen water technologies and their undeniable health benefits.



  • The process behind creating a hydrogen tablet. 
  • What is the role of hydrogen in the body? 
  • When and how should you be taking hydrogen tablets? 
  • The difference between private and public research. 
  • Top benefits of increased hydrogen intake. 
  • About AGEs and AGEless defense supplements. 



“Every single thing in this world cycles. The moon, the seasons, our food, as we mentioned, should cycle. We have to cycle. The body is not meant to be static. It's a dynamic process.”

“Could you do something better in almost every situation? Absolutely. But are you going to? Because doing something good that you can follow is always better than something great that you can't.”



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