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Radiance Revealed Podcast

May 17, 2021

We invite Nutritional Therapist and Health & Performance Coach Angela Foster to dive deep into the world of DNA and Nutrigenomics. Get closer to understanding how your body works in this episode as Angela and Dr. Haley discuss nutrigenomics, cycling your body, and supplementing. Find out how you can learn more about your genetic makeup through testing and how to optimize your health and wellness through fitness, diet, and lifestyle choices. Tune in now and uncover the key to biohacking with Angela!

Angela is a Nutritional Therapist and Health & Performance Coach. She is a former partner in a large law firm who left the world of corporate law after suffering burnout and recovering from a serious illness in 2014. As a mother of three young children, Angela is on a mission to inspire and educate women on how to stay healthy and energized, while meeting the demands of combining a successful career with a vibrant and healthy family life and is a regular speaker to large corporations in helping them optimize the health and wellness of their employees.

Angela hosts The High Performance Health Podcast - a top-rated podcast in Alternative Health. The Podcast has a highly engaged listenership who are looking for tips and hacks to optimize their health and performance in life and seek out products that are discussed on the show.



  • What is Nutrigenomics and how does it affect your body?   
  • Thoughts and recommendations for cycling in nutrition.
  • Ways to improve your sleep cycle. 
  • Supplements: What to avoid, what to take, and when to take them. 
  • Common mistakes in health and wellness. 
  • Technologies and testing you can access at home. 



“You actually glow from the inside out when you're in touch with your inner power. And if you feel off track, generally it's because you've lost that alignment. So if you can bring yourself back, you're going to glow and people will just see that that beauty within you will shine through.”



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