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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

In this episode, Ayurvedic doctor and co-founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda, Victor Briere, joins Radiance Revealed to discuss determining health in the context of our constitution and how everything in nature can either be medicine or poison. Tune in to learn more about this powerful practice releasing the things that no longer serve us and how many of our behaviors and habits stem from an emotional or spiritual cause. 


Join this illuminating conversation on tapping back into ancient healing traditions and Victor Briere’s universal health tips for all.



Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor, is the co-founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda. Victor is a gifted pulse reader specializing in ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and health counseling. His in-depth, individualized approach to health offers clients and students a detailed and encompassing perspective on the underlying causes of imbalance. Victor’s approach to wellness emphasizes the role and importance of lifestyle and dietary balance. He offers the support often needed to successfully address the root cause of illness and restore the body to health.



- What is Ayurveda?

- Functional medicine versus Ayurveda

- The detriment of compartmentalizing our health 

- Is it simply genetics or ancestral karma?

- Ayurveda diagnostic techniques

- The 3 doshas and your unique constitution 



“It's holistic in nature, meaning that we address the entire being not just a specific part of the body, at any given moment. And that's very different from what we think of as modern medicine, which is very symptom-centric. Ayurveda is cause-centric.”

“Ayurveda is much more interested in how the disease came to be and that path, because you can have the same presenting symptoms but a completely different pathology. So those are going to require different methods of healing.”



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