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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Dec 6, 2021

Radiance Revealed welcomes back Jennifer Little Fleck, a medical writer who dives deep into the scientific literature to bring you the knowledge of molecular biology, immunology, and pharmaceuticals in an easily digestible format. 


In this episode, your host and Jennifer discuss her top ten supplements everyone should consider adding to their diet. Tune in as they discuss why soil conditions and our processed food supply have drastically decreased in the nutrients our bodies need at the most basic level. From the “farm effect” to finding your saturation point, listen in and learn how to optimize your health through supplementation and become an expert on your own biology. 



- Do we all need supplements?

- What is healthy soil?

- Buy local!

- The importance of fulvic and humic minerals

- Why you should let your children play in the dirt

- Jennifer’s top 10 supplements



“We've lost all of these nutrients that we should have been getting from our food and water. They're just not there anymore.”

“But I take all these vitamins, these minerals, these supplements. I eat good. But if it doesn't get into your cell, it doesn't matter. You're just gonna poop it out, or pee it out. And, you know, that's where you get expensive urine.”



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