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Radiance Revealed Podcast

Dec 13, 2021

Before technology like electricity and light bulbs, we were naturally outside much more, exposed to full-spectrum sunlight on a consistent basis. Now that we spend almost 95% of our time indoors though, how can we account for the deficiency in the energy so important to recharging our cells? This is where Dr. Mike Belkowski and red light therapy come in!


In this episode, Jen and Dr. Mike discuss this simple technology that is gaining mainstream momentum and increasing both longevity and lifespan. Tune in as they discuss all things red light, from mitochondrial health to finding the right dosage to its myriad of health benefits.   



Dr. Mike Belkowski graduated from the University of Montana’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in 2016. Months later, he started his own private outpatient practice, which is thriving today because of his holistic approach to physical therapy. Impassioned to provide his patients with the most effective and efficacious treatment techniques, Dr. Mike is bringing that same dedication and enthusiasm to the red light therapy industry by providing leading-edge, efficacious devices with the company he founded in 2019, BioLight. He is equally passionate about educating the masses on the countless wellness benefits of red light therapy and how to properly utilize this healing technology to achieve effective real results.



- What is red light therapy and how does it work?

- Why is mitochondrial health so important?

- Different treatments require different parameters

- Using red light therapy to precondition your skin and muscles

- Brain benefits of near-infrared light

- Red light therapy products and technology for home 



“Red light therapy is very anti-inflammatory and pro circulatory, two things which are super important, of course, with skin health.”

“You can supersede that low potential by integrating a lot of things that boost your mitochondrial health. And one of those is red light therapy.”



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E-book: Red Light Therapy: Treatment Protocol

Check out Mike’s podcast “The Red Light Report” to take a deeper dive into the benefits of adding red light therapy into your life!



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